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Icon Palettes 9.1

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Palettes is a powerful iOS productivity tool for creating and maintaining color palettes. Turn your iOS device into a portable color creation tool. Now you can create a color palette anywhere at anytime. Great for creating color schemes. Grab colors from a photograph, a website, or add colors using any one of 5 color models. Quickly find matching colors with support for many different color schemes.

Palettes comes in one of three levels: Free, Basic, and Pro. The Free version can be upgraded from directly within the application to the other levels giving you greater functionality. When you first install Palettes you get the Pro level for free. After a limited number of launches of Palettes you will automatically revert back to the Free level. You can upgrade to another level at any time before or after this demo period.

Palettes Pro is also available directly. This version has exactly the same functionality as Palettes upgraded to the Pro level.

On App Store Palettes version 9.1 is now available in the App Store.

On App Store Palettes Pro version 9.1 is now available in the App Store.



Featured in The 20 best iPhone apps for designers.

Featured in the September 2012 issue of "Guide to Phone Apps".

Featured in issue #71 of Photoshop creative magazine.

Featured in Photoshop Australia magazine.

Featured in Confessions of an App Addict - The Skinny on Color Apps for the iPhone.

Featured in Home Improvement Tools You Need Right Now at Choice Home Warranty.



Fantastic - Graphic designers, illustrators, web designers will find this app one of the best color palette tools ever. Easy to use, comprehensive, useful, what more could you want? - Australia

Brilliant! - This is so awesome! It's easy to use and you can grab [palettes] from anywhere! It's the most [convenient] swatch book ever! - Australia

Magnificent application! - Extraordinary application, a breathtaking achievement! ... - France

A must-have for Web and Graphic Designers - The ability to automatically load colour palettes from a website is a very inventive and valuable feature. - United Kingdom

Graphic designers and web designers - buy this! - United States

Innovative color combination app ... - United States

Best Color App Around - I reviewed all of the other apps available for the iPod Touch/iPhone and found this one to be far superior to the others. The devloper has done an amazing job in providing a very functional and versatile tool at an extremely reasonable price... - United States



Compare Versions

Feature Free Basic Pro
Number of palettes 3 Any Any
Colors per palette 5 5 25
Create palette from website x x x
Create palette from image x x x
Create palette from scheme   x x
Create palette from 3rd party palette files     x
Email palette to others x x x
Backup and restore palettes   x x
Settings   x x
Sort palettes   x x
Copy palette   x x
Import/Export 3rd party palette files     x
Sort palette colors     x
Blend with different color models     x
Supported color schemes 2 2 5
Undo/Redo x x x
Context sensitive help x x x
"Palette" Flow x x x

Changes in version 9.1

Support for the new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

Changes in version 9.0.2

Some minor bug fixes.

Changes in version 9.0.1

Some minor bug fixes.

Changes in version 9.0

New Features


Changes in version 8.0

Changes in version 7.1

Some minor bug fixes.

Changes in version 7.0.1

This update (just for Palettes, not Palettes Pro) fixed issues with in-app upgrades.

Changes in version 7.0

New Features


Changes in version 6.0

New Features


This update also fixes a few issues.

Changes in version 5.0

New Features


Bug Fixes - iPad only

Changes in version 4.0

Changes in version 3.0

Changes in version 2.0.2

Changes in version 2.0.1

Changes in version 2.0

Changes in version 1.6





Please send an email to 'rmaddy@maddysoft.com' to leave feedback, ask questions, or report an issue.



See screenshots here. (Updated screenshots coming soon)