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Icon Palettes 3.0

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Screenshots - Palette pane and previews

This is the palette pane. It contains all of the colors in the palette plus a toolbar used to manipulate the palette. You can:

If you press and hold down a color for a moment the color will be presented in full screen mode along with some basic color information. Tap the color to return to the main screen. Use this when you want to compare a color against a real world item.

Tapping the Preview button brings up the Palette Preview pane. Here you can see all the colors without any borders. The upper section lets you see the first five colors of the palette arrange in rows or columns. You can rearrange colors in the lower portion to put different colors in the first row.

Tapping the Full button allows you to view the palette preview in full screen mode. If there are more than 5 colors in the palette you can scroll through the palette to see the other colors.

If a palette was created from an image you view that image from the Palette Preview pane.

You can quickly make a copy of a palette using the clone toolbar icon.