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Icon Palettes 6.0

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Screenshots - Settings

You can change some preferences for the Palettes application by tapping the setting icon at the bottom of the Palettes screen.

The first preference is whether you like to see hex numbers in upper or lower case.

The Gray Mode is used for gray scale and the initial new color. If most of your work with colors is for use on a computer display such as for a website, then select Screen. If you are doing print work select Paper.

The choice of mode has two effects. Screen means gray scale goes from black (0.0) to white (1.0). Paper is the opposite - the gray scale goes from white (0.0) to black (1.0). The second effect is that when you choose to add new color to a palette the initial color with be black in Screen mode and white in Paper mode.

The next preference is selecting your preferred color format. This format is shown in various places on the color chooser screens.

By default palettes are shown with a black background. But you can change the default with this preference. Any palette without its own specific background color will be shown with this default color.