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Icon Palettes 6.0

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Screenshots - Main Palettes screen

Main Palettes Screen

This is the main Palettes screen. The table contains a list of all your palettes. Each palette displays the palette name, the number of colors in the palette, and up to the first 10 colors of the palette. If the color count is shown in green that indicates that the palettes was created from an image. You can view the image from the palette screen.

From here you can add a new palette, rename a palette, reorder the palettes, or delete a palette. Using the icons in the toolbar you can:

Turning the screen sideways presents your palettes as "Palettes Flow". Scroll through your palettes just like your mmusic albums. Tap the center palette to view or edit that palette. Turn the screen upright again to return to the regular list of palettes.

Tapping the + button allows you to add a new palette from several different sources.

When you add a new empty palette you give it a name using this simple screen.

Tapping the Edit button allows you to rename, delete, and/or reorder your palettes.

Tapping on a row after pressing the Edit button allows you to rename a palette.

You can sort your palettes by name or color count.