MyStuff2 comes with several example categories, locations, and actions. You can use these as-is or you can fully customize them by adding more and changing or deleting existing ones.

Select a category or location and begin adding your items.

MyStuff2 is a very powerful and flexible database and inventory application. It is easy to use, but it does require a little bit of setup depending on your needs. If you want to keep track of all of your movies or books then you can get started right away since sample categories are already provided for these items. Tap on the Movies or Books category on the main Categories screen. This will bring up the list of items for the category. This list is empty at first. Tap the 'add' icon (looks like a plus +) and the New Item screen appears. Either type in the information for each attribute or scan the barcode on the movie or book and have all of the information filled in for you.

The sample categories are just that, samples. You can change them to suit your own needs, you can delete the ones you have no use for, and you can add any additional categories you want. Want to keep track of a stamp collection? Add a Stamps category. Want to keep track of your tools? Add a Tools category. MyStuff2 allows you to create any category you wish and it allows you to define exactly the type of information you to keep track of. Feel free to modify the Movies category to keep track of the director, producer, actors, the date you last watched it, or any other info you want.

Remember, you can get help about any screen you are viewing by double tapping on the screen's title.

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