The Sort screen allows you to create a new sort or edit an existing sort. A sort defines the order that items will be displayed.



The Sort screen contains the sort name, the primary sort order, and zero or more secondary sorts.



The Save button will not be enabled until a name is given to the sort and a primary sort attribute has been selected.

Edit Name
Tap on the name field to add or change the sort's name.
Sort By
This specifies the primary attribute used to sort the item list.
Reverse Order
If OFF then the list will be sorted in ascending order such as A-Z, smallest to largest, or oldest to newest. If ON then the list will be sorted in the opposite, or descending, order such as Z-A, largest to smallest, or newest to oldest.
Display Sort Values
If ON and the item's display doesn't already include the selected sort attribute, the attribute's value will be added to the beginning of the item's subtitle.
Section Headers
If ON then the sorted items will show a section header at appropriate locations within the list. Common uses are the A-Z section headers displayed when sorting by a text attribute. Not all attribute types result in section headers so this value may be ignored.
Section Row Counts
If ON and Sections Headers is ON then the displayed section header will include a count of the number of items in the section.
Then By
You can add a secondary or tertiary sort by specifying a value for Then By. To remove the lower level sort pick the value of None for Then By. A lower level sort is applied to two items when they have the same values for the higher level sort attributes. An example might be a case where the primary sort is based on book author and the secondary sort is on book title. This would sort all your books by author and within a given author the books would be sorted by title.