The Server Accounts screen is used to manage the various services you can use to transfer data to/from MyStuff2. The list of accounts you setup here are used throughout MyStuff2 when given the option to select a source or destination for a file transfer.



The screen shows a list of currently defined accounts. Tapping the Edit button allows you to add, delete, or edit accounts.



Tap the Edit button to enter edit mode. Tap the resulting Done button to return to view mode.

Add Account
To add another account you must enter edit mode. Then tap the Add Account row. You will be presented with a list of possible accounts you can add. Many account types allow you have more than one account. An example might be having a home account and a work account. Once you select the account type, you will be taken to the Server Account screen. Give the account a display name that will appear in the accounts list. Depending on the account type, there may be other information you can or need to provide.
Edit Account
To edit an existing account you tap on the account name. This can be done in view or edit mode. You can rename the account or update any other details, if any, for the account.
Delete Account
If you don't need an account any longer you can delete it. This can be done in one of two ways. While in view mode use the swipe-to-delete gesture on the account to delete. Or in edit mode, tap the delete icon to the left of the account. In either case a delete confirmation button will appear. Tap the button to delete the account. No data is affected nor is the remote account affected. This only removes the account from the list in MyStuff2.
Reorder Accounts
You can change the order of the accounts in the list. Enter edit mode and use the standard reorder handles on the right end of each account to drag the account into the desired location.
Logout Account
Certain types of accounts can stay logged in. To logout of the account (requiring you to enter your username and password again on next use), tap on the account to bring up the account detail screen. At the bottom of the screen you will a Logout button is appropriate.