The Color Schemes screen allows you to select a different color scheme. It also allows you to create and maintain your own custom color schemes after a one-time in-app purchase upgrade. MyStuff2 comes with two standard color schemes and one custom color scheme. Once upgraded, you may create your own additional custom schemes. You may also import custom color schemes shared with you via email or from the MyStuff2 website.



The Colors Schemes screen displays two sections. If you have not chosen to upgrade, the first section shows the three supplied color schemes while the second section provides a way to bring up the list of upgrade options. If you have upgraded then the first section contains two standard color schemes. These color schemes can't be deleted or changed. The second section lists any custom color schemes. MyStuff2 comes with one custom scheme.



Tap the Edit button to enter edit mode. Tap the resulting Done button to return to view mode. This button is only available if the custom color scheme upgrade has been purchased.

Of the following features, only the first is available prior to purchasing the upgrade.

Select Color Scheme
To activate a different color scheme, simply tap on the desired scheme. A check mark appears next to the current color scheme.
Add Color Scheme
To add a new color scheme you need to enter edit mode. Then tap the Add New Scheme row to being up the New Color Scheme screen.
Edit Color Scheme
To make changes to a color scheme you need to enter edit mode. Then tap on the scheme you wish to change. This brings up the New Color Scheme screen.
Delete Color Scheme
If you don't need a color scheme any longer you can delete it. This can be done in one of two ways. While in view mode use the swipe-to-delete gesture on the color scheme to delete. Or in edit mode, tap the delete icon to the left of the color scheme. In either case a delete confirmation button will appear. Tap the button to delete the color scheme. The current color scheme can't be deleted. If you wish to delete the current color scheme you need to first select another color scheme.