The Action Instance screen lets you see the details for a single action instance. This includes viewing attributes for currently applied attributes, editing those values, applying additional phases, and deleting undesired phases.



The Action Instance screen shows one section for each action phase applied to this action instance. The phases are displayed in the order they were applied. For each phase you can see the date and time the phase was applied and the attributes and their values.

At the bottom of the screen (while in view mode) is the toolbar. The toolbar provides access to additional functionality. This includes the ability to navigate to other action instances for the item and an icon allowing you to apply additional phases to this instance (if any are available).

Required attributes will have an asterisk before the label (example: * title). Attributes that require a unique value will have a 1 superscript after the label (example: titleĀ¹).





The Action Instance screen can be in View or Edit mode. Tap the Edit button to switch to Edit mode. Tap the Done button to return to View mode.

An action instance may be read-only if it belongs to an item that is read-only.

You can undo and redo changes to attribute values. To perform and undo or redo of the last change you shake your iOS device. A message will appear allowing you to choose the appropriate operation. Once you choose a different instance you can no longer make changes to the previous instance.
Set Attribute Value
To set or change an attribute value you must tap the attribute. Depending on the attribute's type you can either type the value in directly or an appropriate entry screen will appear. Some types have buttons that allow you to set or change the value.
Clear Attribute Value
There are several ways to clear the value for an attribute. You can swipe your finger across the attribute. A Clear confirmation button will appear. Tap the Clear button to erase the value. Tap anywhere else on the screen to keep the value.

If in edit mode you will see red circle icon to the left of any attribute with a value. Tap this icon and a Clear confirmation button will appear. Tap the Clear button to erase the value. Tap anywhere else on the screen to keep the value.

While setting or changing an attribute value there may be a button or option for clearing the current value. For Rating attributes you can double-tap the stars to indicate no rating. For Toggle attributes select the current value to indicate no value.
Value Actions
Certain attribute values can be acted upon. While in view mode, an icon will appear to the right of any value for attributes of type Contact, Email Address, Location, Phone Number, or Web Address. Tapping the icon for a contact brings up that contact from your address book. Tapping the icon for an email address allows you to compose and send an email to that address. Tapping the icon for a location launches the standard Maps application showing the location. Tapping the icon for a phone number starts a phone call to that number (on supported devices). Tapping the icon for a web address launches the standard Safari app loading the URL.

For attribute values you can press and hold and then a menu will appear. At a minimum you will have the option to copy the attribute's value. Depending on the mode you can also cut and paste values.
Delete Phase
If in Edit mode you can delete a phase by tapping the red circle icon to the left of the applied date and time. Deleting a phase will also remove all values for the phase's attributes. This only removes the phase and values for the current instance. No other instances are affected. Shake to undo the deletion.
Add Phase
If additional phases can be applied to this action instance then the Actions icon in the toolbar will be available. Tap the icon to see the list of available phases. The list of available phases is determined based on which phases have already been applied and any dependencies setup between the action's phases.
Expand/Collapse Notes
This menu acts as a toggle between the two states. When Notes are expanded you can view and edit the entire note in place. When Notes are collapsed, only the first two lines of the note are displayed. To view the entire note or to edit the note, tap on the note to bring up the note detail screen.
Next/Previous Instance
Tap the Next or Previous icons in the toolbar to go to the next or previous instance.



The following settings affect the Action Instance screen: