The Icons screen allows you to manage images for use as category and group icons. This screen lets you pick an existing icon or add new icons. Please note that the icons are stored with the current database.



The main part of the display contains the set of icons you have in place. Initially this will be empty. The toolbar provides buttons allowing you to add more icons as needed.



Select Icon
To select an icon for use with a category or group simply tap on the desired icon.
Add Icon
Tap the + icon in the toolbar to add a new image as an icon. You then choose where you wish to get the image from. The selected image will automatically be scaled down to size. Icons are scaled to 16x16 on non-retina devices and 32x32 on iOS devices with retina displays.
Paste Icon
The Paste button in the toolbar allows you to add an image from the clipboard. If there is no image in the clipboard then the Paste button is disabled. One possible method to get an image into the clipboard is to use Safari on your iOS device. Find an image you wish to use as an icon. In Safari press and hold down on the image. Unless the image is a link to another web page you will get a menu with actions you can take for the image. Select Copy Image. Now return to MyStuff2. The Paste button on the Icons screen will be enabled. Tap Paste to add the image as an icon.

In general, the only images that make good icons are images that are meant to be used as small icons. While you can select any image, photographs make terrible icons when scaled down to such a small size.