The Group screen allows you to define category groups and subgroups.



The Group screen displays all of the group properties. This includes:

While in view mode the Group screen also displays a toolbar with two icons - Copy and Move.





The Group screen is in either view mode or edit mode. To enter edit mode tap the Edit button. To return to view mode tap the Done button. When adding a new group you are already in edit mode. Tapping Save will save the new group. Tapping Cancel will cancel the new group.

Changing a group's name requires being in edit mode. The name should be simple and no more than 2 or three words.
Groups can have subgroups. This nesting can be as deep as needed though typically only one or two levels are likely to be used, if any. If "Auto Sort Groups" is turned off then you can manually order the groups (while in edit mode). If turned on then groups will be sorted alphabetically for you. The number next to each group is the number of subgroups below the group. Groups can be added, removed, renamed, rearranged (if not automatically sorted), or changed. The Group screen must be in edit mode to add, remove, or rearrange subgroups. Other changes can be made in either view or edit mode. If you choose to delete a group that contains items then you will have the option to move the items to the parent category, delete the items along with the group, or just delete the items leaving the group in place.
You can add up to 40 pictures to any group. Pictures can come from your photo library or from the device's camera (if any). You can also select a picture from any of your setup import sources. If you have Camera+ installed you can use it to take a photo or select a picture. If there is a picture in the clipboard you can paste that picture. While in view mode you can tap on a picture to view the full sized version in the Photo Viewer screen. To add a picture enter edit mode. Tap Add Picture and select a source of the picture. To replace an existing picture enter edit mode and tap the picture to replace. Select the source of the new picture. To edit a existing picture enter edit mode and tap the picture to replace. Select Edit from the source list. To delete a picture enter edit mode and tap the delete icon to the left of the picture. To reorder the pictures enter edit mode. Use the reorder handle to change the picture order.

The icon can be chosen in one of three ways:

Color dot
Select a color and the icon will be a round color dot of the selected color.
This brings up the keyboard where you can enter any available symbol. The best option is to switch to the Emoji keyboard and select one of the many Emoji symbols. You can add the Emoji keyboard by running the Settings app then going to General, Keyboard, International Keyboards, and Add New Keyboard... Select Emoji from the list.
Selecting Image brings up the Icons screen where you can manage your icons and select one for this group.
Groups can have their own colors for item background, title, and subtitle. These colors override the corresponding color defined at the category or parent group level. Tap the row to pick a color. To remove a color tap the row and select Default from the color chooser.
You can enter a note about the group. The beginning of the note will appear on the Categories and Category screens.

The toolbar provides:

Copy Group
Tap the copy icon to create a copy of the current group. This does not copy any items, just the group configuration. All you need to do is give the new group a name and make whatever other changes you need. The new group is added at the same level as the copied group.
Move Group
Tap the move icon to move the group within the category. You can move a group higher or lower within the group hierarchy or to another branch.



The following settings affect the Group screen: