The Date Format screen allows you to define how dates will appear throughout the app. You can select from some standard formats or create your own.



The Date Format screen can have 1, 2, or 3 sections. The first section shows the standard date formats you may select from. The second section lists any custom date formats you have created. The third sections appears when you are editing or creating a custom format.

The first two sections display the current date using the associated format. For certain dates it is possible for two different date formats to show the same output. For example, the 10th month will appear as 10 whether you use the month number or the 2-digit month number format.

The currently selected format will appear with a check mark (unless you are in edit mode). While in edit mode the custom formats will show reorder icons.

When editing a custom date format text values will appear within quotes to make it easier to see any entered spaces.



Select Format

Simply tap the desired format to select it.

Add Custom Format

Start by tapping the Edit button. Then tap on Add Format. The third section will appear. Based on the desired format you tap the appropriate Add... row in the third section. You then select the specific format or enter any text you wish to appear in the date. No space is added automatically so you must add your own as desired using the Add Text option. You can reorder the chosen format components. You can see the current date formatted in the chosen format as you make changes. You may also delete a format component by tapping the red circle icon to the left of the component.

Edit Custom Format

Start by tapping the Edit button. Then tap on custom format you wish to edit. The third section will appear with the details of the selected format. At this point the editing of the format is the same as adding a format. Changes are saved automatically.

Delete Custom Format

If the Edit button has not been tapped you can use the swipe-to-delete gesture across the format you wish to delete. If the Edit button has been tapped then tap the red circle icon to the right of the format you wish to delete. In either case you will then need to tap the Delete button to confirm the deletion.

If the deleted format was the currently selected format then the first standard format will become the newly selected format.

Reorder Custom Format

If there are more than one custom formats you can order them as desired. Tap the Edit button. Reorder handles will appear next to each custom format. Press and hold on the reorder icon then drag the custom format row to the desired location.