The Filter screen allows you to create a new filter or edit an existing filter. A filter defines one or more conditions.



The Filter screen contains the filter name, the Match All property, and the list of conditions.

At the bottom of the screen is the toolbar. The toolbar includes an icon for copying the filter.





Edit Name
Tap on the name field to add or change the filter's name.
Match All Conditions
This property is used if the filter has more than one condition. If OFF then only one of the conditions needs to be true for the filter to be applied. If ON then all conditions must be true for the filter to be applied.
Add Condition
To add a new condition tap the Add Condition row to bring up the New Condition screen.
Edit Condition
Tap an existing condition to bring up the Edit Condition screen. You can then make any needed changes to the condition.
Delete Condition
Tap the red delete icon to the left of the condition you wish to delete. Then tap the Delete confirmation button to delete the condition. Tap anywhere else on the Filter screen to keep the condition.

The toolbar provides:

Copy Filter
Tap the copy icon to create a copy of the current filter. All you need to do is give the new filter a name and make whatever other changes you need.