The Export Settings screen lets you define how the lookup data is to be exported. The exported data is CSV file containing a single column with all of the lookup choices.



The settings are divided into two sections.

Export Destination


You can choose to export the selected data to either your computer or via email.

Transfer Method
This option allows you to save the exported data to your computer or other service. The data transfer method used is the last Data Transfer Method chosen on the Data Transfer screen. The saved file will be a single CSV file.
This option allows you to email the exported data. The content of the email is the same as using the Email toolbar action but it also include the CSV file containing the lookup choices as an attachment.

CSV File Format

Field Delimiter

Despite being called a CSV (comma separated values) file, the values can be separated by punctuation other than a comma. You can choose from several different separators. You would choose a specific value if you plan to import the CSV file into another application that expects a specific separator. If unsure leave the default of a comma.

Text Delimiter

It's possible that a value in the CSV file contains the same punctuation used as the Field Delimiter. When this happens the value must be placed within the Text Delimiter. You can choose either the double-quote or the single-quote. Again, you would choose a specific delimiter if another application expects it.