As the owner of a shared database, this screen allows you to control who you share the database with. You can invite any number of people (who in turn can accept or decline the invitation) to share your database. You can also uninvite invited people, revoke accepted invitations, and reinvite people that have declined.



In order to be able to invite another person to share a database, the following conditions must all be met:

  1. They must have a valid iCloud account with Apple.
  2. They must be logged into their iCloud account on their iOS device.
  3. They must have enabled iCloud Drive in the iCloud settings on their iOS device.
  4. They must have MyStuff2 installed (version 5.5 or later) on their iOS device.
  5. They must have added the "iCloud Shared" account on the Databases screen of MyStuff2.
  6. They must have allowed MyStuff2 to look them up via email when adding the "iCloud Shared" account.
  7. You must have an entry in your Contacts that includes the user's email address associated with their iCloud account.



The screen shows you as the owner of the database. This is then followed by the list of invited users (if any), the list of accepted users (if any), and the list of users that have declined (if any). The name for each user is their name as it is associated with their iCloud account. The timestamp shown below each name is when the owner created the database, when an invited user was invited, when an accepted user accepted an invitation, or when a user declined an invitation.





Note: Tap the Edit button to enter edit mode. Tap the resulting Done button to return to view mode.

Invite User
Tap the Add icon at the bottom of the screen. The Invite User screen will appear with a list of users you can invite to share the database. If a user doesn't appear in the list please see the requirements shown above.

If you get a message stating that there are no available invitees this means that besides any people you have already invited, there are no more people in your contacts that meet the requirements shown above.
Email User
Tap the email icon at the bottom of the screen. An email screen will appear prepopulated with an appropriate subject and message designed to invite one or more people, that don't yet have MyStuff2 installed, to share your database. Enter one or more recipients, optionally tailor the email message, and tap Send. Once they get iCloud setup and MyStuff2 installed and setup, they can reply to your email letting you know they are ready. Then you can invite them to share your database by tapping the Add icon.
Refresh List
Tap the Refresh icon at the bottom of the screen to refresh the list of users.
Uninvite User
You may uninvite an invited user if you don't wish that user to have access to the shared database. Enter Edit mode and tap the delete icon to the left of the invited user you wish to uninvite. Tap the Delete confirmation button and the user will be uninvited. The user can be reinvited at any time if desired.
Revoke User
You make revoke a shared database from a user that has accepted an invitiation. Doing so will delete the database from the user's iOS devices. No one else will be affected. Enter Edit mode and tap the delete icon to the left of the accepted user you wish to revoke. Tap the Delete confirmation button and the user will be removed from the shared database. The user can be reinvited at any time if desired.
Reinvite User
You may reinvite a user that has declined an earlier invitation. Simply tap on a user listed under the Declined section and confirm the action.