This screen allows you define a set of conditional colors to be applied to the items of associated category. You specify any combination of background, title, and subtitle colors to be applied. You then add one or more conditions that must be met by an item before the colors will be applied to the matching items.

You must enter a name and at least one condition.



This screen has a place to enter a name for this set of conditional colors. This is followed by the chosen colors. The last section contains the conditions that must be met.




Each set of conditional colors must have a name. This is displayed on the Item Display screen.


Pick a color for any combination of Background, Title, and Subtitle. To remove a select color tap on the color and choose Default.

Color Conditions

The Enabled switch lets you indicate whether this conditional color is enabled or not. When disabled, the colors will not be applied to any items.

Here you enter one or more conditions that must be met by an item for the colors to be applied. If you add more than one condition then the Match All Conditions setting is used. If ON then all conditions must be true for the colors to be applied. If OFF then the colors are applied if at least one condition is met.

Tap Add Condition to add a new condition. Tap an existing condition to make changes. Tap the red delete icon to the left of a condition to delete the condition.