This screen lets you add, edit, delete, and reorder the choices of the lookup list.



The Choices screen displays the list of choices. It also provides a search field and toolbar.

At the bottom of the screen is the toolbar. The toolbar includes icons for importing and exporting lookup choices, refreshing the lookup choices, and for adding a new choice to the list.





The Choices screen is in either view mode or edit mode. To enter edit mode tap the Edit button. To return to view mode tap the Done button.

Add Choice
Tapping the + icon in the toolbar allows you to add a new choice to the lookup list. All choices must be unique within the current lookup list.
Update Choice
To change a choice, enter Edit mode by tapping the Edit button. Then tap on the choice you wish to change. This will take you to a screen letting you change the current value for the choice. Any items using the original value will be updated to use the new value.
Delete Choice
To delete a choice, enter Edit mode by tapping the Edit button. Then tap the delete icon and then tap the delete confirmation button. Another option is to swipe from right-to-left across the choice while in View mode. Deleting a choice does not remove the value from any items.
Search Choices
Tap on the search field to search the list of choices. As you enter text into the search field, the list of matching choices will be updated to reflect the entered search. If the search value isn't found you can add it as a new value by tapping on the "Add Value" entry at the top of the search list. You can edit or delete matches just like you can in the main list.

The toolbar provides:

Import Choices
This action allows you to import a list of choices from a CSV file or spreadsheet. The method for importing the file is identical to the main Import Data feature. Once the file is transferred the Import Settings screen will appear. Once you complete the settings the choices will be imported into the lookup.
Export Choices
This action allows you to export the lookup choices as a CSV file. The method for exporting the file is identical to the main Export Data feature. You will first be presented with the Export Settings screen. Once you complete the settings the data will be exported.
Refresh Choices
It's possible over time for the list of lookup choices to be out of date with the associated item values. This can happen if you change an attribute with data from a regular attribute to an attribute using a lookup list. It can also happen if you delete a choice from a lookup list. Items using the deleted choice will still have the value. Tapping this icon will allow you to update the lookup choices with all the item values associated with the lookup. You will be given two options. You can completely replace the existing lookup choices with just the values found in the associated items or you can keep the existing choices and add any missing choices found in the associated items.
Add Choice
You can add a new choice to the lookup list by tapping the + icon.