Product mappings are used in conjunction with product searches and barcode entry. It allows data from found products to be automatically filled into the attributes of an item. The Product Mapping screen allows you to pick product departments and assign product attributes to category attributes.

If you wish to create new items quickly using barcode scans or searches you must pick one or more product departments. Pick the department or departments that best match your category. Once you have selected one or more departments you need to associate product attributes with your category attributes. You do not need to associate all of your category attributes. Those not associated with a product attribute will not be automatically populated from a selected product. You can always enter your own values for those attributes as usual.



The Product Mapping screen contains two sections. The first allows you to select appropriate product departments for the category and the second is a list of the category's attributes.



Tap the row below the Product Department Mapping label. This will bring up a list of product departments.

Tap each attribute to select an appropriate product attribute, if any. To clear a product attribute mapping, swipe your finger across the category attribute. Then tap the Clear button to remove the mapping.


Product Departments

Select one or more product departments. Deselect all product departments to remove all mappings.


Attribute Mapping

The Attribute Mapping screen will show each selected product department. Tap a department to see the list of possible product attributes. Many product departments share common product attributes. The 'All' product department is a master list of all possible product attributes.