The barcode screen allows you enter a barcode using one of three possible ways. If your device has a camera you can point the camera at a barcode and have the barcode scanned automatically. You can type in the barcode number. You can choose a picture from your photo library that contains a barcode.

MyStuff2 recognizes the following types of barcodes when scanning for a new item:

MyStuff2 also recognizes the following types of barcodes when scanning for barcode attributes:



You can type in any barcode value you need when entering a value for a barcode attribute. If entering a barcode for product lookup you must enter one of the following: EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, or UPC-E.


Scan - Internal

This option only appears if your iOS device has a suitable camera. Simply point your device's camera at the barcode to scan. The barcode will automatically be detected. You may have to move the camera around a bit to find the right distance and size. There are a few tricks to ensure a good scan.

The use of sufficient light can't be stressed enough. Especially for iOS devices without autofocus or lower resolution cameras.


Scan - Pic2shop

This option only appears if you have selected 'Pic2shop' under Tools, Settings, Feature Options, Barcode Scanning. If you do not have the free iOS app Pic2shop (or the paid app Pic2shop Pro) installed this screen will have a button allowing you to install the free Pic2shop. If Pic2shop is installed then this screen will have a button allowing you to launch Pic2shop so you can scan a barcode. Once scanned you will automatically be returned to MyStuff2 where the barcode will be processed.



If you have pictures in your photo library containing barcodes, you can use this option to have the barcodes recognized. The pictures must be in focus and of sufficient lighting and size to be recognized.



No barcode was found. Please make sure you use sufficient lighting, the barcode is in focus, and you hold the camera steady to get a good picture.