The Action screen allows you to setup a new action or edit an existing action.

Note: Certain changes to an action can result is some data loss to existing items associated with the action. It is recommended that the built-in backup feature of MyStuff2 be used before making changes that could cause data loss.



The Action screen displays all of the action properties. This includes:

At the bottom of the screen is the toolbar (hidden while in edit mode). The toolbar includes icons for copying the action and for emailing the action definition to another user of MyStuff2.





The Action screen is in either view mode or edit mode. To enter edit mode tap the Edit button. To return to view mode tap the Done button. When adding a new action you are already in edit mode. Tapping Save will save the new action. Tapping Cancel will cancel the new action.

Changing an action's name requires being in edit mode. Each action must have a unique name. The name should be simple and no more than 2 or three words.
View Phase
Tapping a phase while in View mode will bring up the Action Phase screen allowing you to view the phase's configuration.
Edit Phase
You can edit an existing phase in one of two ways. Either tap the Edit button then tap on an existing phase, or tap on an existing phase in View mode then tap the Edit button on the Action Phase screen.
Add Phase
To add a new phase tap the Edit button then tap on Add Action Phase... to bring up the New Action Phase screen.
Delete Phase
To delete a phase tap the Edit button then tap on delete icon. Confirm the deletion by tapping the Delete button. Deleting a phase will remove any associated data from all items the phase has been applied to.
Instance Display
When viewing an item that has a set of action instances applied to it, the action instance display will be based on the Instance Display setup for its action. You can define what information will be displayed as a title and optionally a subtitle.
Actions can have their own colors for item background, title, and subtitle. These colors override the corresponding color defined at the category or group level. Tap the row to pick a color. To remove a color tap the row and select Default from the color chooser.
You can enter a note about the action. The beginning of the note will appear on the Actions screen.

The toolbar provides:

Copy Action
Tap the copy icon to create a copy of the current action. This does not copy any items, just the action configuration. All you need to do is give the new action a name and make whatever other changes you need.
Share Action
Tap the email icon to share the action template. This generate a MyStuff2 template file (msd). You will be prompted to select the destination for the template file. Choosing email will allow you to email the template file to someone. The template file will be an attachment to the email allowing the user to quickly import the action into their own copy of MyStuff2.