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Bug Bounties

Help improve MyStuff2 and earn an iTunes gift certificate in the process.

An issue will appear on this site if it is affecting numerous users and I have been unable to recreate the problem myself. Reproducing an issue consistently is a prerequisite to fixing the problem.

The process typically begins with you encountering the error yourself and sending me a crash report from MyStuff2. I will then point you to this page. You of course have the option to simply live with the issue until it is resolved or you can choose to try to help solve the problem.

To earn an iTunes gift certificate you need to be the first person to provide enough information about a current bounty that allows me to reproduce the problem. This information will typically be step-by-step instructions clearly indicating the exact steps required to reproduce the problem. In some cases the issue will also be dependent on specific data. In these cases you must be willing to share your data. This data will only be seen by me and only used to solve the specific problem.

If you are able to reproduce a problem two times in a row (or at least two out of four attempts) using your own step-by-step instructions then please send them to me via email (see the Support page). Once I am able to recreate the issue using your instructions (and optionally your data), I will send you an iTunes gift certificate worth $25 (US Dollars).

Current Bounties

None at this time.