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MyStuff2 Pro 7.0 Beta Testing

If you are interested in beta testing MyStuff2 Pro 7.0 please read the information below and contact me via email at: rmaddy@maddysoft.com

MyStuff2 Pro 7.0 adds support for full iPad multitasking, dark mode under iOS 13, and support for multiple windows on iPads under iOS 13. The user interface has been updated so the item list screen is the primary screen instead of the Categories screen. Syncing via iCloud has been redone to be much simpler. There are also a few other minor changes. Support for these changes has required some substantial internal changes to MyStuff2 Pro and these changes need to be tested to ensure no features have been broken in the process in addition to testing the new features.

The following is a list of requirements for beta testing:

  1. You need an iOS device running iOS 11.0 or later. While an iPad is needed to test the multitasking support, testing definitely needs to be done on iPhones to ensure all screens works as expected.
  2. You need to be willing to accept that this is a beta. There may be problems. There could be data loss. Backup your data using MyStuff2 Pro's Backup Data feature before installing any beta.
  3. You need to be willing to send me detailed information about any issues you run into. While not always easy, the goal will be to provide sufficient information to me so I am able to reproduce any issue you encounter. Many times an issue is very dependent on specific data and a specific sequence of events. Sometimes it is as simple as pointing out a typo.

The beta copy of MyStuff2 Pro will be installed in place of the current version of MyStuff2 Pro that you may have. You will be using MyStuff2 Pro beta with your normal data.

If you are interested in beta testing MyStuff2 Pro 7.0, please contact me via email at: rmaddy@maddysoft.com for further instructions to get started. Thanks.